Inbound Marketing is a way of planning communication activities that allows you to stand out in the chaos of multiple advertising and marketing messages, attract the attention of people we are focused on, maintain contact with them for longer, build a relationship based on understanding their needs and gaining their trust, transforming this relationship into a lead, and then effectively motivating the recipient to make a desired decision, e.g. purchase our products or act accordingly to our intention. Inbound Marketing allows you to maintain a positive relationship with a client or partner in such a way that that can lead to a recommendation on their part. In this way, Inbound Marketing allows you to acquire faithful ambassadors for your brand, and in the event of a crisis, defenders who will protect its image.

“How do you know your content is relevant? Increased social traffic, social engagement, and higher quality leads.” Jason Miller, Sr. Manager Content & Social, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

The most important advantage of Inbound Marketing is that a well-planned Inbound Marketing strategy allows us to quickly get feedback on the actions we undertake allowing us to evaluate if we are achieving results or not. In the world of dynamic changes, it allows marketers to be agile in terms of marketing and modify assumed strategies in real time.

Inbound Marketing is an excellent base for Agile Marketing and, just like in other areas related to the Agile philosophy, it basis on  IT solutions. It combines engaging creativity, personalization of key messages in terms of time & place, based on hard data about target groups obtained via IT tools.

Alien Attracting attention

Attracting attention

Context advertising

Reach campaigns

Content Marketing

Targeted advertising

Influencer marketing

Media Relations & PR

Expert positioning

Events sponsorship

Ambush marketing

Guest Building relationship

Building relationship

Web pages

Content hubs

Owned social media channels

Own events

Expert blogs


SEM/SEO optimization

Marketing Automation

Lead Sales





Marketing Automation

Client Loyalization


Around sales experience i.e. purchase communication

Satisfaction Surveys


Loyalizing activities

building community around the brand

media monitoring for crisis signs

anti-crisis activities

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