Many marketers are already using selected Inbound Marketing tools, sometimes without even realizing it. By gaining knowledge about what Inbound Marketing is and what functions individual tools play in it, a marketer is able, on one hand, to increase the effectiveness of each of these tools, and on the other, to create a specific ecosystem within which individual tools will support each other by leading the recipient of the message along the path we want him to go.

Ask yourself, what your goal is, choose the answer that is closest to your goal and our search engine will suggest inbound marketing tools that can help you achieve your goal. You can’t find a goal similar to yours? Contact us and suggest how we should modify our search engine.

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  • Attracting attention of target group
  • Activating target group
  • Lead generating
  • Strengthening relationship with clients/partners
  • Getting feedback from clients/partners
  • Completing sales process
  • Turning clients/partners to brand /cause ambassadors
  • Brand repositioning
  • Anti-crisis preparedness
  • Reaching out to new target groups
  • Increasing sales

Content Marketing

Paid articles with information useful for the target group, with the brand in the background, positioned in specific places on the web with a link to the brand’s owned channel.


Activities based on two-way communication, branded with the brand and enabling it to build positive relationships with target groups or stakeholders.

Influencer Marketing

Building a natural (contextual) presence of the brand in the channels of social media influencers (bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, celebrities).

Media relations

Advising journalists about topics for articles using the brand's know-how, and information useful from the readers' point of view.

Expert Positioning

Sharing the knowledge of brand experts with a group of the brand’s recipients in order to build its credibility.

Event sponsorship

Paid / free sponsorship of an event organized by a third party, provided that its image is consistent with the positioning of the brand and the interests of its target group.

Ambush Marketing

The appearance of a brand in a surprising context, e.g. in the context of a competing brand's activities or in a different environment than before.

Contextual advertising

An advertising message displayed to the user in an environment whose subject matter is similar to the product and its features.

Reach campaigns

Paid advertising campaign, the aim of which is to build the largest audience possible. Reach campaigns use a mix of channels best suited to the target group.

Owned Social Media channel

Setting up a brand profile on a selected social media channel, e.g. on FB, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Twitter and conducting discussions with the target group there.


The basic channel of communication for a brand, company, institution or project, but also a place to which we can direct the target group for more information or to get a lead.

Content hub

Most often, but not necessarily, a website where the brand describes a problem / challenge / phenomenon in line with the interests of the target group, remaining in the background itself.

Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts

More engaging than ordinary entries or articles, forms of providing the target group with content that is valuable from their point of view.

Own events

Off-line (and often on-line in the era of a pandemic) events organized by the brand to attract the target group with an offer that is attractive from their point of view.

SEM / SEO optimization

Improving brand visibility in search engines - in an organic and paid manner.

Marketing automation

Automated communication with customers or potential customers that allows you to maintain a relationship with them and finalize the sale.


Increasing the target group's motivation to engage in brand activities / desired from the brand's point of view through an element of incentive and / or competition.


A modern tool for transmitting expert content - often associated with acquiring leads.


Live meeting with the target audience, based on valuable content and attractive speakers. Possibility of live interaction in on-line format.

Newsletters and mailings

An effective tool for reaching the target group directly with the message and maintaining contact with it.

Affiliate Marketing

Using the reach, but also the influencer's / influencing media persuasion power, to support sales.


A way to motivate the target audience to interact with the brand and leave a contact or purchase a product.

Sales-related experience

Consolidating positive relations with representatives of the target group who have already made a purchase / have taken action in line with the will of the brand.

Satisfaction surveys

A way to get valuable feedback from customers, but also to strengthen relationships with them. Showing that they are still important to us.

Loyalty program

Efficient sales and up-selling tools (i.e. those that allow us to sell the customer additional products).

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