“If you have more money than brains,
you should focus on outbound marketing,
If you have more brains than money,
you should focus on inbound marketing”

Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist Canva

Inbound Marketing

If you do not know yet or do not use Inbound Marketing in your communication, marketing or sales activities, fix this mistake quickly, because in the 20’s of the 21st century Inbound Marketing is the most effective approach to communication of product, corporate and institutional brands. It combines the effectiveness in attracting attention and establishing an emotional relationship, which is carried by content marketing and storytelling, with the reach and the possibility of very precise targeting, which is carried by the most modern digital and media tools.



You know what you want to achieve, but you don’t know which Inbound Marketing tools can help you? Use our search engine. It will help you to  learn more about inbound marketing tools and how you can modify the communication and marketing tools you are currently using to make them more effective, by enhancing the inbound marketing elements in them.



Do you prefer inspiration to structured knowledge? In this section you will find plenty of opinions and case studies, supported by the authority of Inbound Marketing practitioners from leading marketing agencies, media houses and research agencies, but also from representatives of the largest companies in the world and in Poland.


About the Institute

The Inbound Marketing Institute is an entity established in order to share knowledge and popularize the idea of ​​inbound marketing. Its founders are representatives of leading Polish & international marketing agencies, media houses and research agencies who, as part of a joint initiative, decided to support the development of inbound marketing by increasing the knowledge of marketers: both inhouse and from external agencies.